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I'm 17, still a student at school (not long anymore) and I have a big passion for everything with a screen, a keyboard or a CPU. In my freetime (which I don't have much at the moment) I'm coding, blogging or running (usually 5 to 10 kilometers).

I very much like trying out new things and it isn't that unusual, that I reinstall my virtual server every few months. Next to coding apps for Android (my current project is a newsreader) and funny websites, I run multiple blogs about a big variety of topics. Tweeting is another activity I often do, but that's probably just because I like to get some audience and some visitors to this or another website.

By the way: I love open source and am addicted into contributing. Due to that, I also don't use WordPress (though it's open source), but I don't like all these plugins, where the single goal is to get my money. I use Grav CMS for this website and Ghost for appydroid (an Android blog, which I paused due to missing time).

Work Experience

Freelancer - BrunswikDesign (2015 - Present)

I help the awesome guys at BrunswikDesign, when they have to many things to do.


project lostmyself

Lost Myself

A simple website which links to random websites. Sometimes with funny comments.

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project teleposter

Teleposter for Telegra.ph

Simple and lightweight client for Telegra.ph.

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