If I were to describe myself, I would do it like this:

I am 19 years old, a technical person (some would call me a geek), passionate about writing program code and blog articles (on all sorts of subjects). But I don’t just sit in front of the computer, I also do sports (running and rescue swimming) and meet other people.

I have several self-developed apps for Android, many of which can be found on Google Play and websites. A few years ago, I launched a publication with articles about Android on Medium, which now has more than 30,000 subscribers and several hundred thousand monthly visitors and so helps a lot of developers when they are searching for ways to improve their work.

I’m currently studying computer science.


I have experiences with several programming languages and technologies.

Very Good: Java, Kotlin, Android, Bootstrap CSS, Linux
Good: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Docker, Inform7
Basic: C#, Angular, TypeScript


I like creating things, using my abilities for something useful. That’s why I programmed some apps and run several blogs and websites. You can find all my open source projects on GitHub and almost all my blogposts on Medium, on my personal blog or on my development blog.

Here’s a selection of sites I operate:

AndroidPub - A publication with a lot of Android Development related articles.
appydroid - Blog where I share my opinions about Android related topics.
einGeek - My German blog.
Dev All The Things - My development related blog.
Medium Article Exchange - I built this website for Medium authors & publication editors.